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New! Before you go, see the site of my brand new enterprise, "Hawkeye Aerial Photography"

Welcome to the new Paradigm Media

As of 2013 Paradigm Media has "semi" retired.

The website is still undergoing it's first major reconstruction in a long time, so please return as it progresses!

"Semi" retired. What's up with that? Well, it definitely doesn't mean quitting work, or stopping producing video or multimedia. Quite the opposite - it means a personal transmorgification of the definition of work. It means setting forth on an exciting new path, exploring new imaging technologies, techniques and subject matter.

While the host of clients who have helped support me and helped me grow professionaly in the past still have my unqualified appreciation, semi-retired also means being free to work with a small group of select clients, with myself the most select of all.

Below you will see a growing population of programs and activites that I am engaged in. I only hope watching these will give you the pleasure that producing them gives me.

As of May, 2013 I am going to start with a link to my new YouTube channel, "GeneAtTheLake." At this time there are videos about sailing, flying, product demos, and my new set of GoPro cameras. You will also see the first steps with an exciting new tool, my DJI Phantom quadcopter, which is opening up an incredible new world of opportunites for me aerial videography.

First, some history...







Paradigm Media, the early years. This reminds me I've been looking through viewfinders for a long, long time. No matter how big I got, the cameras always seemed to be bigger!
6 lb. HD camcorder that replaces the 22.5 lb. BetaCam SP GoPro camera - so much fun it should be illegal

The DJI Phantom - camera carrying blast
for aerial video and photo work
See what it can do at


Now, visit my YouTube channel GeneAtTheLake

Email Gene Lambert at Hawkeye Aerials

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